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Visionary Brand: Beauty Heroes

When I wrote our Mindful Marketing Manifesto three years ago, it was intended to be our 5-part promise to our clients, providing them with a framework for our unique process. But something else happened, something far more divine, and I wish I could claim it was my strategy all along. It was, in fact, the unintentional outcome of practicing what I preach. The Mindful Marketing Manifesto became a litmus test, naturally attracting or eliminating prospective partnerships. We were practicing our second principle, Be Unapologetically Specific, and in so doing, defining our ideal client who shared our values. A client who aspired to be a Mindful Company. Mindful Marketing, like mindfulness itself, is a practice. It's not something you set and forget. It's a muscle that must be exercised and both parties, agency and client, must be on board. We have been truly blessed to work with some of the beauty industry's leading brands, and it's an honor to highlight them in our Mindful Company Spotlight. This month, Beauty Heroes®  takes centerstage as a company who is devoted to their WHY and committed to bringing their community incredible value through an innovative service. All the while, they are diligently doing their part to make the world healthier, happier and more whole. Here are three ways Beauty Heroes is a Mindful Company who walks the talk. [caption id="attachment_2657" align="aligncenter" width="683"] Photo courtesy of Beauty Heroes[/caption]   USE LESS. LOVE MORE.  Beauty has always been an over-saturated industry, and claims are often dubious. Beauty Heroes knows this, so they do the homework for you. Beauty Heroes is a beauty discovery service and an online Beauty Store that provides a highly curated selection of clean beauty. But what makes this Mindful Company unlike any other is that they actually encourage their customer to consume less. In an intentional effort to "slow down the beauty discovery process", the monthly delivery is singularly focused on one Hero product at a time, complete with everything you'd ever want to know about that product and brand. All month long, Beauty Heroes shares information, inspiration and education about the product, giving the customer ample time to focus, experience and fall in love with their new good-for-you beauty staple. Beauty Heroes founder and Inspired Curator, Jeannie Jarnot, lives for this moment. "Every month, we release a new healthy beauty product I hand-selected, tested and fell in love with so much, I had to share it. The anticipation our customers feel when they unwrap each month’s Hero is the same feeling I experienced when I first discovered it. We share in this discovery together, and that is my greatest joy." Beauty Heroes resets the bar for beauty. The goal is not to have more, but to love more of what you have.   UNPARALLELED INGREDIENT STANDARD Trust is the bedrock of brand building. Establishing trust takes time and intention, and losing trust can happen in one painful instant. The practice of Mindful Marketing is to be unapologetically specific about who you are and what you promise, and then to deliver this consistently. Beauty Heroes set out to be the most trusted source for healthy beauty, and so they established the strictest ingredient standard in the industry. Beyond toxin-free, each and every product that Beauty Heroes carries is good for you, crafted with the highest quality ingredients and is as luxurious as it is efficacious. The vetting process is exacting, but it ensures that the discovery process is enchanting. [caption id="attachment_2658" align="aligncenter" width="683"] Photo courtesy of Beauty Heroes[/caption]   SPREAD THE LOVE  Beauty Heroes is a discovery service for the clean beauty enthusiast, and Jarnot has built a loyal following of devotees. For some business owners, that's enough to take to the bank. But Jarnot thinks about business more holistically. She comes from a place of abundance rather than lack, and she's always finding authentic ways to bolster her brand partners. In this way, Beauty Heroes has proven to be a vehicle for some of the best small and emerging indie beauty brands to make their mark in the industry.  Beauty Heroes is an example of a business helping other businesses, and Jarnot is a shining example of a founder who seeks to support other founders. This is the paradigm shift happening in business, where thoughtful, mindful leaders build webs, not ladders. Oyl + Water is committed to injecting mindfulness into marketing, and we're honored to highlight our clients' continued successes through our Mindful Company Spotlight. #NeverBlendIn

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