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From Content Marketing to Mindful Marketing

Content is king, and "content marketing" has been the reigning key phrase in the online community for at least 2 years, which makes it an ancient concept by digital marketing standards. What it has led to, of course, is more content, more often. Blog posts several times a day is great for SEO, and as a content creator, it's what keeps me in business. But, I'm a "hey, there's an elephant in the room. Anyone else see it?" kind of gal, so I wonder: is it truly valuable to the consumer, or is it an organizational inbound marketing tactic to increase visibility? Technically, this tactic works, and we should all be savvy about the how-to's and the when-to-do's. But, I'm looking down the road, and when the "content marketing" bubble bursts, what will be left is content that matters. Period. This is why Oyl + Water is founded on the principles of Mindful Marketing. What does Mindful Marketing look like? Sound like? How can you tell the difference?  Let's start with what it's not. Mindful Marketing is not an excuse to stop driving, moving and innovating. We often equate mindful with slow, but it's quite the contrary. Mindful is deliberate. Laser-focused. Planned with precision. The opposite is Mindless Marketing, which is ubiquitous. You know when you see it because you forget that you saw it. It aims to appeal to everyone and no one in particular. It's vague, voiceless, and void of meaning. Mindless Marketing copies and competes. It makes up for its lack of innovation with adornment and gimmicks. It rushes to market as a half-baked idea with no long-term strategy. Mindful Marketing is less common, but unforgettable. It resonates deeply on a personal and universal level. This is not a contradiction - the right words and sensory experiences can strike a chord that is both profoundly personal and universally relatable. Artists, musicians, actors and writers do this. Their creation is your emotional experience.  It makes you think differently. It inspires action. It changes you, just a little bit. And it becomes a part of your life, in ways big and small. The job of a Marketer is no different than that of an artist: create an unforgettable experience that transforms the audience. Mindful Marketers don't compete and copy. They create. True creativity is like a fingerprint. Its nuances make it one-of-a-kind. So how does one become a more Mindful Marketer? Oyl + Water is founded on several core practices that make up our creative process. Each practice has several prongs, but when viewed as a whole, it is the process we call Mindful Marketing.  Just like mindfulness and meditation, these practices require patience, inquiry and discipline. Just like art, they are completely open to interpretation. These Mindful Marketing practices will give you the tools to discover your authentic voice, crystalize your message and refine your creative process. Over the next several weeks, I'll cover topics including: discovering your WHY, the importance of design, creating meaningful content, connecting with your audience and the making of a marketing roadmap. I'll provide examples, tips and resources to help illustrate these steps, starting next Monday. Join our mailing list below and receive each blog delivered straight to your inbox!        

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