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The Mindful Marketing Approach to Building a Personal Brand

Sure, Oyl + Water is a marketing boutique for beauty and lifestyle brands. But the same rules that apply when building a brand for a product or a service can be applied to building a personal brand, as well.  Building a personal brand is about identifying what makes you unforgettable and truly original. I’m not talking about becoming “Instafamous” by taking a million selfies and presenting a version of yourself that is not aligned with reality. Building a personal brand is about optimizing your most authentic self for your most rewarding life. I recently shared four key steps, what I call the Mindful Marketing Matrix, on The Chat. Here's the gist:  

Begin with why.

Find your PUROSE.  All great brands have one thing in common: they really make a lasting impact on their audience. These brands are able to occupy space in their audience’s mind because from the very start, they were relentless at answering one critical question: WHY do they matter? ANSWERING WHY gets to your true purpose and is at the heart of building a personal brand. Everyone who has a strong personal brand also has a strong sense of purpose. A few favorite questions to ask to get to WHY:
  • What are you most curious about?
  • What’s something you love to do so much it doesn’t feel like work?
  • If you could shout one single message from a mountain top, what would it be and who would you want to hear it?
  • When is the last time you were in a state of flow? When time stopped and you were completely focused?
A few tips to know if you’ve identified your WHY:
  • It’s usually not about you. A sense of purpose is usually about how we impact others.
  • If it’s just about making money, it’s not your WHY.
  • It’s an idea or a dream that just won’t go away.
  • It’s worth fighting for.

Do Less, Better

What can you ELIMINATE from your life?  Once you have a clear WHY, it’s important and necessary to begin eliminating things from your life that no longer serve your WHY, waste your time and put you in situations that do not represent your best self. This could be big things, like a job, a relationship, certain friendships, or behaviors that are not aligned with, but it could be less dramatic things like:
  • Saying no to less than exciting invitations or opportunities
  • Eliminating certain items from your closet or refrigerator
  • Finally making decisions that you were procrastinating on because you can simply ask “Does this take me towards or away from my WHY?”

Be Unapologetically Specific

This is about focusing on your AUTHENTICITY.   As soon as you get clear on your WHY, you will face challenges, temptations or competition that makes you question yourself. This is where most people will lose confidence, but it’s the game changer. An iconic brand is unforgettable. The tip to being unforgettable by being clear about who are, and making the person you’re talking to feel seen, heard and understood. If you try to please everyone and be all things to all people, you dilute your personal power. Being unapologetically specific gives others permission to be themselves, too. When others feel comfortable around you and energized by your true nature, they remember you - because they remember how you made them feel. Tips:
  • It’s not about trying to be radically different…it’s about being authentic.
  • Unapologetic doesn’t mean aggressive, it means cool and confident.
  • When you’re unapologetic about who you are, you’re calm, open, receptive and grounded because you’re operating from a place of personal power.

Don’t compete. Create new. 

EVOLVE & REINVENT! When you’re clear about your WHY, you don’t need to compete with anyone else. You’re on your own path. This shift from measuring yourself against others, and instead measuring yourself against your greatest vision of yourself gives you the permission to evolve and reinvent. You have a goal in mind and you’re driven by purpose, so you evolve in that direction. You’ll find new ways to practice your WHY, and it will all feel like an adventure. The more you do this, the more you create a unique position for yourself and become a truly unique, unforgettable person. Getting clear on your WHY, eliminating the distractions and becoming specific about who and what you are leads to a birth of new ideas and inspirations. If new ideas are emerging, trust your instincts and explore them! Tips:
  • Stay curious and unafraid about exploring new ideas. This is how we evolve.
  • Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. True originals are often the first to do things, and do things in a new way. YOU DO YOU!

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