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Spa Wisdom, Self Care and Mindful Leadership

We don't often consider that our self-care rituals directly influence our ability to lead, but Oyl + Water is founded on the very belief that Mindful Leadership begins with Mindful Living. Natural Beauty, Spa, and Yoga are the industries that raised me. They gave me the life tools to be a conscious citizen, a passionate health advocate, and a compassionate friend. Okay fine. But, a good business person? Yep. Here's how makeup and massages inspired me to become a mindful marketer. Let's begin Spa Wisdom, or universal self-knowledge. For some, it’s the wisdom that guides their everyday decisions, and for others it may be buried a bit deeper under “noise” - life distractions, mindless busy-ness, ego. Our innate Spa Wisdom is the little voice that whispers when we've slowed down and tuned in enough to hear it. This wisdom shows up in a single breath, a moment of presence, an act of kindness, a show of patience. When we tune into our Spa Wisdom, it leads to a more conscious approach to Self Care. It's an art that requires setting time aside, letting go of distraction, allowing a gentle focus to fall on internal reflection. This inward focus can be more difficult than it sounds, as it requires us to practice the discipline of self-acceptance. (We're usually hardest on ourselves.) Self care is not about vanity, it’s about self-recognition. You may choose beautiful, healthy, eco-friendly products to support your ritual, but the ritual itself is more about honoring yourself, your skin, your body, your senses, your spirit.

What does this have to do with leadership? Simple. When we take care of ourselves and slow down long enough to listen to our inner wisdom, we are able to hear our true nature calling. It tells us what life wants for us, rather than what we want out of life. This is the difference between being led by ego, and being guided by purpose.
Pursuing our purpose gives our work meaning, definition and authenticity - 3 essentials for a visionary brand and mindful leader. The result is a message that cuts through the noise, clear positioning, and an authentic service to offer the customer. Then, marketing becomes less about selling something to someone, and more about sharing wisdom and perspective. In so doing, we become the thought leaders and change agents who will shift the way business is done. If you like this content, leave a message for me in the comments below.

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