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How to Spa like a Boss

Want to make the most out of your spa day? I share my favorite spa tips, and a few of my favorite local spas, with the ladies on The Chat.

My Tips

  • First, try to book well enough in advance, especially if you’re going with a group. This ensures you will get the best therapist. Usually, a spa will prioritize their most seasoned therapists, giving them the first appointments of the day. The quality of the bodywork or facial can make or break the experience, so you want to be sure you are getting the best therapist for your needs.
  • When booking, be specific about what you like. Male or female, light or deep pressure. Let them know if you have any allergies, or if you’re sensitive to anything. One of my favorite questions to ask is “I absolutely love xxx. In your personal opinion, which of your therapists/estheticians loves doing this treatment the most? Who gets the most positive feedback.”
  • If you’re flexible, try to book around the best therapists’ availability.
  • Give yourself plenty of time before and after your treatment to take advantage of the amenities.
  • Drink water before, during and after your spa treatment...bodywork and facials, saunas and steam rooms all move lymph and can be dehydrating. To avoid a headache or sore muscles, drink water!
  • Bring your suit, a change of undies, a hair tie and some cash to tip the spa attendant.
  • If you’re getting an active facial treatment, avoid using retinol a few days before.
Generally people go to the spa for one of two reasons: to relax or recharge. They want to completely disconnect, turn off their brain and even fall asleep in a lounge area or in the sun so they leave the spa feeling blissed out...OR, they want to recharge their energy by detoxifying, getting an effective treatment, possibly getting in some gentle movement so they leave the spa feeling energized and happy.

If you’re going to the spa to RELAX, try:

  • Give yourself plenty of time before and after your treatments to really luxuriate. You can’t relaxed when you feel rushed.
  • Splurge on the longer treatment. A 50 minute massage just feels like a teaser. Go for the 80-90 minute massage.
  • Add the aromatherapy add-on to facial or massage and try soothing floral oils like lavender, rose geranium, yang ylang and jasmine or try grounding, earthy oils like frankincense, sandalwood, vetiver.
  • Be sure to bring a toxin-free, zinc-based SPF 30+ for face and body after treatment, especially if you’ve had a facial and if you’re going to be falling asleep in the sun! Skin will be extra sensitive after a facial.
  • Opt for body treatments like classic massage, hot stone, cranial sacral, reiki, energy balancing or acupressure. Opt for facials that include aromatherapy, warm oil scalp massage, gentle organic products and steam.

If you’re going to the spa to RECHARGE, try:

  • If you can get there early for a quick workout or swim, your body will be optimized for detoxification and warmed up for great bodywork!
  • Try a self-guided hydrotherapy treatment before or after bodywork. This is the altering of hot and cold bursts of water and it’s energizing, toning and stimulating!
  • If you opt for aromatherapy in your massage, choose uplifting oils like lemongrass, eucalyptus, rosemary, pink grapefruit or ginger.
  • Opt for treatments like deep tissue, sports massage, shiatsu or thai massage. These are a bit more aggressive treatments that work out the tight spots in the muscles.
  • Opt for facials that focus on detoxification through peels, extractions, microdermabrasion, LED or infrared lights. These are results-focused facials to stimulate collagen, firm, smooth and help reduce hyperpigmentation.
  • Drink tons of water if you have any of these treatments and be absolutely sure to wear 100% non-chemical sunscreen after any facial treatment before even walking to your car!

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