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Beauty Heroes’ Inspired Curation

Beauty Heroes, the beauty discovery service that delivers full-size, 100% non-toxic Hero products through its monthly subscription service, expands.

In the world of clean and indie beauty, the 2-year old beauty discovery service has become known for consistently achieving the perfect trifecta: quality, efficacy and luxury. Driven by a mission to be the most trusted source for healthy beauty, Beauty Heroes was the first monthly subscription service to evolve beyond the tried-and-true sample box formula and offer a single full-size Hero product, plus deluxe-sized Sidekicks, that meet their stringent Ingredient Standard. By focusing on one Hero product at a time, Beauty Heroes slows down the discovery process, allowing more time to experience each product, without distraction.


Use less. Love more.

This intentional approach to beauty is rooted in the founder’s core philosophy: Use less. Love more.

"Quality over quantity is the new way to shop. It requires more mindfulness, produces less waste, and ensures you love more of what you use, and use less of what you don’t. It is a disruptive concept that redefines our notion of beauty, necessity and capitalism. It inspires us to make purchasing decisions from a place of love rather than lack."

Inspired Beauty Curation

For Jarnot, a longtime spa director and healthy beauty expert, selecting the Hero product is part intuition, part science. Whether they are undiscovered gems or cult-classics, she has an uncanny ability to sense the star performer in a product lineup. After many years of refining her instincts and crafting her personal process, today it is the foundation of Beauty Heroes and what guides the tightly edited product offering. It is a celebration of craftsmanship, innovation and luxury she refers to as Inspired Beauty Curation.

Making the Cut

Behind every iconic brand featured by Beauty Heroes sits a visionary leader. While the founders’ stories vary drastically, there is always one common theme: a commitment to clean. Ethically-sourced quality ingredients is the single most important element in natural product development. Jarnot’s strict Ingredient Standard and critical vetting process ensures only products of the highest integrity make the cut. And the truth is, most won’t. Of the hundreds of products tested each year, only twelve seasonally-appropriate products are selected. Favoring products that demonstrate craftsmanship, innovation, and possess the element of luxury, Beauty Heroes maintains an tightly edited product offering of only the best in natural beauty.

Pricing and Member Benefits

Beauty Heroes’ monthly discovery service offers 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions, starting at less than $39/month, each with a value of $60+.

While the Beauty Store is open to all, Beauty Heroes Members receive an unparalleled and exclusive 15% discount on all the products in the Beauty Store every day.

In addition to the monthly value and daily savings in the Beauty Store, Beauty Heroes features a monthly Love More promotion, a limited-time-only gift with purchase.

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