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Opposites Attract

Why I launched I launched Oyl + Water for one simple reason: I want to bring high tech strategy to high touch businesses. Where the two meet, magic happens. I’ve spent my career working with high touch businesses. Spas and hospitality, natural beauty brands, wellness companies and the arts are ”feel good/get better” industries that require human connection and affect the human condition. Here is the paradox The powerful and pervasive nature of the web demands that we stay interconnected at all times, yet our digital dependency makes us less connected to each other and ourselves than ever before. This has created a chasm of authentic connection. But here is the twist In our high tech world, the high touch message is critical. It’s the antidote the world is seeking. You see, the constant barrage of technology is precisely why people seek these services - to tune out the noise and tune into themselves. So, as a business, how do you strike a balance between these two opposing forces? How does a spa, wellness professional or beauty brand authentically leverage the power of online marketing without contributing to the epidemic of information overload? Become a thought leader. Offer valuable, well-timed, curated information to a targeted, engaged audience who wants to soak up your message. Who better than high touch professionals to cut through the chaos of our digital world and create authentic connection with their customers?

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