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Build a Visionary Brand

A great visionary once told me, "Vision is our strongest muscle. When we set our vision on a singular point, we train our mind to focus." Great advice from someone who knew how to build a visionary brand. It takes focus to change a habit, to accomplish a goal, to rewire our thinking, to create a strategy, to master a new skill, to identify our purpose. When we’re able to envision our future selves arriving at a new place of awareness, ability or success, we can then begin with laser focus on the outcome. Sounds simple enough. Yet, we all have experienced the high of setting out to accomplish a new goal, only to experience the low of falling off the wagon. What happened? At what point did we lose our focus? We became impatient. Focus will always challenge our patience. And when it does, doubt sets in, distracting us from our vision with images of failure. Our survival instinct kicks in and we begin plotting our Plan B. Soon, our new plan looks more promising than the arduous path we’re currently on. We shift gears. We veer off course. We set a new goal. The cycle continues. This is true for life, and it's true for building a visionary brand. If you're an entrepreneur, you know this cycle all to well: Impatience shows up as doubt, and it distracts you from your focus. Maybe you're distracted by the competition. Maybe you're distracted by your next big idea. Maybe you're simply overcome with images of failure and it's enough to stop you dead in your tracks. KEEP. GOING. Identifying the core purpose of your brand - WHY your brand exists - and staying consistently focused on your big picture is not easy, but it's the difference between being average and becoming a visionary. Visionary brands are not swayed by every flash-in-the-pan trend. Visionary brands set the trends and turn them into movements. Establish your own metrics for success and compete with yourself. Stay focused. Become a visionary.      

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